Washed Out - It Feels All Right

It’s getting warmer outside/It feels all right

Call your friends I’ll call mine/Sun is coming out now/It feels all right

Washed Out aka Ernest Greene has released a lyric video for “It Feels All Right,” one of the most lyrically appropriate songs for summer. This single is a track off the forthcoming album Paracosm, which promises a different audial experience from your familiar Washed Out. Instead of synth-y electronic, Ernest Greene goes for a layered sound featuring the sitar/guitar/other-stringed instruments. Sing along or phase out to the psychedelic collage of flowers below, and stay tuned for the album’s release on August 13th via Sub Pop.

Poolside - Next to You (fan video)


"Daytime disco" duo Poolside has got some serious fans, because stop-motion music videos don’t come easy. But that’s exactly what director Alexander Familian created to go with “Next to You,” taken from Poolside’s debut album Pacific Standard Time, available via Day & Night Recordings. Check out the offbeat video about a plug looking for its outlet-soulmate below.

Portugal. The Man - Atomic Man (official video)


Portugal. The Man has cranked out another music video for the Danger Mouse-produced Evil Friends album, soon to be released on June 4th via Atlantic Records. No story in this David Vincent Wolf-directed vid… just jarring black-and-white visuals of the lead band members blinking and making weird facial gestures at the camera. But add some with weird graphic effects like missing frames and slow motion, and you get a vid that looks like messed up gifs on a site that won’t load fast enough. You Tumblr people definitely know what I’m talking about, right? Enjoy the trippy vid below.

Ms. Henrik - Mark (official video)


Our favorite makeup-donning boy Ms. Henrik is back with another music video that’s hard to wrap your head around. “Mark” is the follow-up to his debut single “Doing It For The Man" and the first track off his incredible synth-pop Blue Velvet Frank EP. Director Lina Engborg brings to life a strange dream set in a cowboy saloon, with men wearing pearls and women in fishnets and Ms. Henrik in dark red lipstick in the middle of it all, crooning his heart out to this mysterious Mark. It’s a sight to see, and music you can’t miss out on. Watch the video below.

Tycho - Ascension (official video)

Are you guys into sexy, ambient electronic music that drips into your ears and floats through your brain? Or maybe sexy, scantily clad women wandering through the desert and psychedelic photo glares? Whatever floats your boat, San Fran artist Tycho (aka Scott Hansen) has got a new video for an old song to satisfy those late night drives. Watch the Charles Bergquist-directed video below for “Ascension,” a track off his 2011 full-length Dive, available via Ghostly International.

Bonus: Also check out his remix of Ulrich Schnauss' “I Take Comfort in Your Ignorance” as well below.

Alpine - Gasoline (official video)

"Gasoline" by Melbourne band Alpine gets a U.S. take on its music video and it is decidedly more cheerful than the original version. The groovy indie pop track is set to a fantastically edited and choreographed pastel-colored video which was directed by Emma Tomelty. Marvel at graceful and muscled human bodies bustin’ some impossible moves below and stay tuned for the North American release of A is for Alpine on May 21st via Votiv Records.

Crystal Fighters - You & I (official video)


"You & I" was my nomination for "Happiest Song of the Year," but now I’m just trying not to associate it with (spoiler alert) trees and birds getting blown to bits. Elliot Sellers directs this twisted tragedy for British/Basque band Crystal Fighters' latest single off of their second LP Cave Rave, to be released later this month on May 27th via Atlantic. Keep an eye out for them as they will be touring North American for the entire month of June.

Bonus: “You & I” gets a super dancy Gigamesh remix. Lend your ears to dem beats below, or download the track here.

Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red and Blue

Portugal. The Man is rampin’ up their sound in lieu of their forthcoming Danger Mouse-produced album Evil Friends, to be released on June 4th via Atlantic Records. Listen to their lately released, gloriously upbeat and sassy single “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” below.

Flume - More Than You Thought

Aussie DJ/producer Flume is garnering quite the following for his debut album, released last year via Future Classic, and now his sounds are finally paired with images. This hip hop beat infused track gets some sweet, trippy graphics that are worth full-screening for in this music video directed by Toby & Pete. Yeah, I actually have no idea why the whole floating lady in a cape thing, but it sure looks darn cool. See what I’m talking about below!

Haerts - Wings (Official Video)

Electropop outfit HAERTS have released what looks like a montage of VHS samples of stuff you recorded on your mom’s videocam when you were 5, except more gracefully edited together. Honestly though, Emily Kai Bock has composed a beautiful video to go with HAERTS' achingly pretty, mildly downtempo single “Wings,” released via Columbia. Get a load of chilling vocals and kids basking in suburbia below.

P.S. HAERTS is touring U.S. and Canada with the likes of Shout Out Louds and Atlas Genius. Catch ‘em if you can.