Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra's magnificent February release “So Good At Being In Trouble" is still stuck in our heads (and it’s not like we’re complaining. What a song…<3) but the Portland-based pych-rock trio have already released the second single off their excellent new album II (out now on Jagjaguwar), titled “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)” and an oh-so-incredible video, featuring a lot of puppet nudity, masturbation, horse-laughter and a hilarious happy ending. This is one of the best music videos (and songs!) ever and you can watch it below. Enjoy!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II


If you happen to find yourself in need of some sort of transcending, soul digging, rhythm and blues delight then Unknown Mortal Orchestra are here for you.

This is a story of the wonderful Ruban Nielsen, going down to his basement, getting his tapes out and allowing the night to take the lead. However, this is not any old experimental stream of consciousness. There is a sincerity inherent throughout II that is putting it on a psychedelic par with Grizzly Bear. The Kiwis’ night time dive time has been the perfect antidote this year’s January blues and I am certain its multitude of dispositions and blissful melodies will be sticking with us throughout the year.

Check out the video for “So Good At Being in Trouble,” directed by Danny Perez, below and be sure to catch them at Il Motore in Montréal on the 3rd of March when they’ll be playing with Foxygen and Wampire.