Magic Wands - Aloha Moon

Magic, space, hearts, love, crystals, stars and the Moon: these are the best elements to describe lovebirds Chris and Dexy Valentine’s band Magic Wands. After releasing their first EP Magic Love & Dreams at the beginning of 2009, the wait has been long, but oh so worth it for the full-length Aloha Moon (released via Bright Antenna). Expect nothing more than fuzzy synth melodies, dreamy yet delicate guitar riffs along with Dexy Valentine’s breathy and seductive vocals. Songs such as “Black Magic,” “Kaleidoscope Hearts” and their latest single “Space” make this album literally glow [Ed’s Note: figuratively is the word you were looking for, but I digress!]. You can watch the video for “Space” below.

This review was written by collaborator Natasha Garcia, a photographer from New York currently based in Stockholm and also a friend of Hot Shit. You can catch her reviews here every Thursday.

Magic Wands - Space

Los Angeles-based guy-girl dream-pop duo Magic Wands are back after dazzling us with their excellent EP Magic Love & Dreams (released way back in 2009). “Space” is the first single from the band’s debut full-length, Aloha Moon. Its dark 80’s feel reminds us of bands such as Selebrities, Class Actress, Still Corners and even The Golden Filter. We like! The album is set to be released into the wild on the 24th of April via Bright Antenna.