Lemâitre - Friction


Norwegian indie-electronic duo Lemâitre have just released another video from their new EP Relativity 3. This time, they gave Johannes Greve Muskat the task to direct the video for “Fiction” and the result is pure awesomeness. Check it out below.

Lemâitre - Continuum

Norwegian indie-electronic duo Lemâitre have a new EP coming out on March 4th called Relativity 3, via their own imprint Substellar Records, and they’ve just released a video for the lead-track “Continuum.” Check it out below.

Lemâitre - Time to Realize


Norwegian discodudes Lemâitre are back with a new track called “Time to Realize” and it’s, well, just about the best thing we’ve heard in at least a month (and we go through a lot of music). The track sounds like an offspring of Foster the People and Hot Chip; if this shit don’t make you dance, you should get your ears checked out. “Time to Realize” is taken from their forthcoming EP Relativity 2 which comes out May 25th. The video was directed by Johannes Greve Muskat. Charlie don’t surf, but Charlie does dance!

Lemâitre - Relativity 1

Last month, Norwegian indie-electronic duo Lemâitre, unleashed their 4-track EP Relativity 1 to the world. They’ve since beeb releasing a video for each of the tracks—the whole thing follows a short narrative—with the last one concluding the series a couple of days ago. You can watch them in order below.


Coffee Table


The End