Video Premiere & Contest: Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii - Still Life


We’re stoked to team up with Austin-based label Red Eye Transit once again to premiere Norwegian indie-electro duo (and an instant band crush of ours from the first listen) Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii's “Still Life,” the addictive title track from their four-song debut EP. The Thor Brenne-directed conceptual video was shot in an indoor parking lot in Oslo and sees a contemporary dancer cutting loose to Eyvind Brox’ wacky synthy beats and Marianne Stranger’s intoxicating sublime vocals. We are avid fans of this duo and of how effortlessly they bring out the wild dancers in us. Watch the video below and you will be too.

More exciting news: Red Eye Transit sent us 5 copies of the Still Life 12” to give away along with accompanying tote bags, as well as bottle-opener keychains and beer koozies (all shown below). To win one of the 5 packages, like us on Facebook and answer this question. Contest ends on June 28th inclusively, and we’ll pick 5 people randomly from the batch. Good luck all!



Fenech-Soler - Magnetic


Fenech-Soler goes down the rabbit hole in the mind/time-bending new video for “Magnetic,” the British synthpop heroes’ comeback single which precedes their forthcoming sophomore album "Rituals. Directed by Luke Bellis, the video follows an Alice in Wonderland narrative, with a puzzled Ben Duffy being followed by a malicious-looking, Frank-like rabbit in several alternative worlds. Just as the White Rabbit carries a pocket-watch in the story ("I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date."), so does Ben Duffy (but this time, a table-clock), which I want to think is a symbol for the unbearable delay in the release of the sophomore album. But after three magnificent singles, “All I Know,” “Maiyu" and "Magnetic," we can say that Rituals will be worth the 3-year wait.

"Magnetic" is a certified festival anthem and shows the band moving towards a pop direction which we will see more of in Rituals. Discussing the LP, singer Ben Duffy said: “I think the pop element is certainly something that wasn’t calculated, but also something that we didn’t decide to turn our back on.

"For us, it’s been about paying attention to what makes a good song and about being direct. We haven’t been afraid to make a pop record. It’s about connecting with people on a universal level while remaining true to our dance roots."

"Magnetic" is being released on July 1st via Warner Bros Records and will be followed by Rituals on September 2nd.

While we try to figure out why we can’t help but think about Gotye every time we listen to this song, you can watch its trippy video below.

Reptile Youth - Fear (Official Video)


The always awesome, turbo-charged Copenhagen discopunk duo Reptile Youth shared new video for their infectiously catchy and oh-so-delicious track “Fear,” the final take-off from their self titled debut LP (out now via hfn music). Directed by Narvi Creative, the black and white video stars Icelandic model Kolfinna Kristófersdóttir. Watch it below.

The Neighbourhood - “Afraid,” “Flawless” & “Alleyways” (Official Videos)

Los Angeles indie stars (and my biggest band crush) The Neighbourhood recently released videos for not one, not two, but three addictive tracks from their absolutely stunning debut album I Love You which came out just last week on Columbia. Regular collaborators Daniel Iglesias and Zack Sekuler spawned moody car ride visualette videos for “Afraid,” ” Flawless” and “Alleyways” in the band’s distinctive black and white style and you can watch them below. Enjoy.

Taken By Trees - Only You (Official Video)

Victoria Bergsman mesmerizes once again with her utterly unique and sweet voice and lullaby-like soothing melodies in her latest single “Only You,” and its accompanying new video. Directed by Armen Harootun, the video features the Swedish songstress singing blindfolded around several mid-makeout couples. Harootun says, “To me the idea of the video came from the resistance of another idea. I became tired of watching videos of the same thing: a man chasing a woman, or visa versa. It seemed appropriate to consider love as something that doesn’t have to be between a man and a woman. The video is a showcase, not a demonstration of that idea.”

"Victoria’s role in the video can be interpreted in a few ways. To me, she is blinding herself from any promiscuity because she wants to be exclusive with one person only, hence the meaning of the song.”

Only You is taken from last year’s Other Worlds (via Secretly Canadian), Taken By Trees' Hawaii-inspired, tropical synthpop album, and was released last week paired with a beautiful remix by LA producer Jesse Shatkin aka Belief. Watch the video below and don't forget to share it with your one and only afterwards.

Vitalic - Fade Away (Official Video)


Techno/electronic maverick Vitalic dropped the crime-thriller-like cinematic video for “Fade Away,” the second single taken from Rave Age, featuring vocals by Shitdisco's Joe Reeves. Produced by Solab Pictures and directed by Romain Chassaing, the fantastic video features a bunch of ruthless professional killers in a chase for a supposedly illegal suitcase. There are multiple stylishly executed gunshots and lots of dead bodies, which is, I guess, something we have grown to expect to see in Vitalic videos (remember Poison Lips and Stamina). Fade Away EP was released digitally in March through [PIAS]/Different Recordings with remixes from Vitalic, C2C & Noob. You can watch the video below.

Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake (Official Video)

Irisih trio Two Door Cinema Club are back with another creative clip, this time for the standout Beacon track “Handshake.” The Sam Pilling-directed video sees a butcher decapitating band members Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday and Kevin Baird to use their still-living heads as bowling balls. After “Sleep Alone,” “Sun" and "Next Year,” “Handshake” is the fourth single taken from last year’s sophomore LP Beacon and will be released on June 10th via Kitsuné. Watch the video below.

Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red and Blue (Official Video)

Premiered last week, “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” Portugal. The Man's gloriously upbeat and wonderfully evil new single, featuring HAIM sisters Este and Danielle on vocals, was easily the most exciting music news in a while, and now, the magnificent track has a trippy, insane clip which seems to be drawing inspiration from born-celebrity tabloid media stars who have risen to success through bad reality TV and sex tapes and stuff. When asked what is happening in the video, John Gourley replied “I think the treatment read ‘A Day In The Life’.” Following on from the fantastic title track, “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” is the second single taken from Evil Friends, Portugal. The Man’s forthcoming Danger Mouse-produced album due out June 4th via Atlantic Records. Watch the Noel Paul & Stefan Moore-directed video below and then watch it again and again. :)

Bloodgroup - Fall (Official Video)

Start your week right with the beautiful new video for Iceland four-piece Bloodgroup's “Fall,” the anthemic first single from their third album Tracing Echoes. Directed by Eilifur Thrastarson for SNARK, the video looks like a dark, rather sinister reinterpretation of Peter Pan and his Lost Boys’ adventures in Never Land to me (but of course, that’s just me speculating and thinking out loud). With Janus Rasmussen’s sublime, heartfelt vocals blending into warping synth pulses, layered percussions and Ólafur Arnalds' undulating background strings,”Fall” is a delicious, elegant cut of electro-pop that will become a favourite before even the halfway mark. Tracing Echoes is out now via Kölski/Sugarcane/ADP. Enjoy.

Club 8 - Stop Taking My Time (Official Video)

Last month, Swedish electronic duo Club 8 released new single “Stop Taking My Time,” the synth-drenched first taste of their forthcoming eigth stuido album, Above The City. Teaming up with Andil Dahl, Club 8 collaborators Johan Angergård and Karolina Komstedt made a stylish video with a simple concept for the enticing first single which features the duo as silhouetted figures and lots of bright-coloured lights. The album drops May 21 via Labrador Records. Watch the video below.