Taken By Trees - Only You (Official Video)

Victoria Bergsman mesmerizes once again with her utterly unique and sweet voice and lullaby-like soothing melodies in her latest single “Only You,” and its accompanying new video. Directed by Armen Harootun, the video features the Swedish songstress singing blindfolded around several mid-makeout couples. Harootun says, “To me the idea of the video came from the resistance of another idea. I became tired of watching videos of the same thing: a man chasing a woman, or visa versa. It seemed appropriate to consider love as something that doesn’t have to be between a man and a woman. The video is a showcase, not a demonstration of that idea.”

"Victoria’s role in the video can be interpreted in a few ways. To me, she is blinding herself from any promiscuity because she wants to be exclusive with one person only, hence the meaning of the song.”

Only You is taken from last year’s Other Worlds (via Secretly Canadian), Taken By Trees' Hawaii-inspired, tropical synthpop album, and was released last week paired with a beautiful remix by LA producer Jesse Shatkin aka Belief. Watch the video below and don't forget to share it with your one and only afterwards.

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