Bloodgroup - Fall (Official Video)

Start your week right with the beautiful new video for Iceland four-piece Bloodgroup's “Fall,” the anthemic first single from their third album Tracing Echoes. Directed by Eilifur Thrastarson for SNARK, the video looks like a dark, rather sinister reinterpretation of Peter Pan and his Lost Boys’ adventures in Never Land to me (but of course, that’s just me speculating and thinking out loud). With Janus Rasmussen’s sublime, heartfelt vocals blending into warping synth pulses, layered percussions and Ólafur Arnalds' undulating background strings,”Fall” is a delicious, elegant cut of electro-pop that will become a favourite before even the halfway mark. Tracing Echoes is out now via Kölski/Sugarcane/ADP. Enjoy.

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