STRFKR - Miracle Mile


I was the last person to even consider myself a fan of STRFKR (pronounced Starfucker). They bordered a little on too bland, too recycled, too wannabe pop.  And it doesn’t really add points in the band’s favour if one of its most popular songs is a cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” but hey, I’m apparently in the minority here. Then STRFKR gave us Miracle Mile, released via Polyvinyl, and all was forgiven.

I’ll give you a lowdown with a run-through, shall I? Miracle Mile opens with “While I’m Alive”: a catchy intro to STRFKR’s take on lo-fi vocals thrown on electronic chill pop. Take a minute to suck up that juicy bass line on “Malmo.” “Beach Monster” smoothly slurs psych pop synth and lyrics into each other, mmm yes. “Kahlil Gibbon” has that one sound like the strumming strings of a grand piano, and yes that was worth commenting on. “Say to You” is potential-opener-to-TV-series material (think Portlandia theme song).

Once you hit “Atlantis,” the album descends into chillest of chill tunes, with beats great for long drives or slow nights, if you know what I mean (spot check on “I Don’t Want to See”  and a cacophonous finish in “Nite Right”).

All in all, STRFKR has definitely upgraded with a more cohesive and compelling sound, worth looking into, and maybe, just maybe, becoming a fan of. You can stream half of the tracks from the album below and make sure you watch the video for “Atlantis,” directed by Vice Cooler, afterwards.

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