Local Natives - Heavy Feet


We’re big fans of LA indie rockers Local Natives, and a couple of weeks ago, we’ve posted a full-stream of their wonderful second LP Hummingbird (out now via Frenchkiss/Infectious), which was recorded with The National's Aaron Dessner and featured standout tracks like “Heavy Feet,” “You & I,” “Breakers,” “Black Spot,” “Ceilings,” “Colombia…” Ok, I stop before writing down the full tracklisting here. Each of the 11 songs on the LP was a hit on it's own and was favourited by some many people.

"Heavy Feet" is the second single to be released off Hummingbird and it has recently gained creative and heartwarming visuals, directed by Ben Reed. Subtitled “The Ecstatic Flight of the Llandow Visually Impaired Harriers," the bittersweet and dreamlike clip features three middle-aged men with superhuman senses fashioning and flying model airplanes while their sandwiches sing along to the lyrics of the song in the background. It’s a must-see music video full of sweet and surreal moments.

Scroll down further to listen to a masterful downbeat electronic rendition of this indie-pop gem by the prolific London producer/singer/remixer Fryars. Enjoy.

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