Dumbo Gets Mad - American Day


Italian psychedelic pop outfit Dumbo Gets Mad have garnered international attention with their 2011 debut Elephants at the Door and have been increasingly celebrated (and deservingly so) with their unique eclectic and groovy sound since then. Within one week from the release of their second full-length effort Quantum Leap (due February 6th on Bad Panda Records), it’s already safe to say that 2013 will be another year of great success for the duo, and their latest single “American Day” proves that yet again. (If you’re not convinced, listen to it again.:)

We love the airy falsetto vocals and the ’60s jangly acid-pop vibe on this song, and just can’t wait to see a video for it. You can listen to it and check out three other songs that will appear on the album right below.

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