The Neighbourhood - A Little Death


Released earlier this week, “A Little Death” is the latest addition to our collection of The Neighbourhood songs we’ve listened to and become instantly obsessed with.” The new stunningly sensual hit comes with an amazing monochromatic video, directed by regular collaborators Daniel Iglesias Jr. and Zack Sekuler. “A Little Death” is the second single (after “Let It Go”) from the Californian dark-pop quintet’s second EP, Thank You, which is available now (via Columbia) for download on iTunes, and for preorder as a 7” through their website .

It doesn’t feel right to say, “keep an eye on these guys in 2013” anymore, because they’ve already ruled 2012 as they put better-known bands to shame with their debut EP I’m Sorry. But the coming year will catapult them to major stardom, that’s for sure. Watch the video below.

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