Kavinsky - ProtoVision


French producer extraordinaire Kavinsky released the first single off of his 2013 LP Outrun (via Record Makers). In “ProtoVision,” the Dead Cruiser drives his famous Ferrari Testarossa in another late night adventure as massive synthesized guitar riffs pulsate aggressively along the way.

From the video description:

The year was 1986. He was a teenager like any other, dreaming of his heroes and in love with a girl. But on a thunderous night along a ragged coast, a mysterious red car came down, its power lightening his eyes blood red. In a flash, all was lost in a hellfire twisted metal. When our hero emerged from the burning wreckage, he and the car had become one, their soul lights forever, leaving him to wander the night alone, invisible to everyone but her.

The track is available now on iTunes. Watch the video below.

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