Starred - Call from Paris

Starred is a duo that is comprised of Liza Thorn and Matthew Koshak, originally from Los Angeles but now based in Brooklyn. Not a whole lot of info is there on these two apart from the fact Liza used to be in band called Curls (with Christopher Owens, former frontman of Girls) and in another one called Bridez a few years back. She eventually crossed paths with producer/engineer Koshak and started working on a record with him with one goal in mind: to make a big splash as Starred. With their melodic, hypnotizing and powerful tunes, we think a storm is about unleash when the band’s 6-song 12” EP Prison to Prison drops via Pendu Sound this Fall. The band has two videos out so far—both directed by Grant Singer—if you want get a taste of what’s go come. Check ‘em out below.

This review was written by collaborator Natasha Garcia, a photographer from New York currently based in Stockholm and also a friend of Hot Shit. You can catch her reviews here every Thursday.

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